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Just a few of MVClinique clients

About  MVClinique

How We Got Here

Since our first day in 2014 when the Institute or Professionals in Permanent Makeup was born,   MVClinique started to evolve,  in large because of a need to provide our clients with the best of natural products without chemicals or harsh preservatives,  specially when applying them onto open skin.  Most of these products have been in use for several years now, they were only used during our procedures or as aftercare products and as gift packs for our clients.  A few years ago our clients started to ask if they could buy them from us,  so we have been selling them out of our Brandon office (to clients only).  Due to large demand MVClinique Products are now being sold to the general public online for your convenience.

None of our products are of private or white labeling, they have all been formulated, manufactured, and packaged in our Florida facility. 


June 12

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